1985 Jeep CJ7 with Hardtop Removed
June 2013 - The Top is off for the first time in 20 Years
Garden = Jeep Hardtop hiding spot

For the last two summers, I have been driving the Jeep with only the doors off, because I didn't have a place to store the hardtop while it was off.   This year I built a new garden with 4' high lattice to keep the rabbits out and hide the pool filter & heater. It also gave me a place to put the top for the summer.  

Just discovered a leak in the heater core, but I will bypass it for the summer - Jeeps do not produce much heat anyway.  This will give me time to find the parts.  It's always a challenge when you work on a 28 year old mechanical device.

Meanwhile, we have Jersey Tomatoes growing in the garden, the Jeep is more fun to drive, and my wife is happy to have her own vegetables growing in the backyard.

It's a win win win...

December 2010 - Jeep Home Again After 17 Years

In 1985, I purchased this 1985 AMC Jeep CJ7. It was one of the last years of manufacture for the CJ series, because the 1987 Wrangler was replacing it in 1986 with a lower and wider foot print. I drove the vehicle for 8 years and put 82,815 miles on it. It was a fun vehicle while it lasted, but our family was growing with two young children. We replaced it with a station wagon.

From 1993 through 2010, Rich & Lynn owned it and drove it around Central NJ. On Dec 17, 2010, they gave it back to me with 106,300 miles. It had been sitting for about 3 years, but quickly started after replacing the starter, priming the carburetor, and replacing a leaky fuel line.

Now the new journey begins, as Sean and I will have fun fixing it. Aside from some rust, it appears to be in pretty good shape for a 25 year old vehicle that was used as designed.

NJ DMV - Registration & Titling $104 (QQ plates) - free renewal every three years & no inspection is necessary

American Collectors Insurance - $81.03 annually (< 5,000 miles)

Memories to come - Priceless

 Jeep Arriving Home on Dec 17, 2010

My Original 1985 AMC Jeep CJ7

Washing Jeep January 05, 2011

First cleansing is complete for 2011


Driving Jeep through the Intersection of RT 73 & RT 70

Old - Ex Marlton Circle

Here I am driving the Jeep through the Marlton Circle - Overpass replacement project. Circles have been used as a way of intersecting two major roads in NJ since the 1930's, but have been slowly dying.  The Marlton Circle was modified in the mid-70's.  At that time, they cut it in half running Rt 73 through it and adding lights.  I was about 14 at the time and can remember questioning why they did not just put in an overpass, because the shore traffic on Rt 73 was and still is excessive.

Despite a couple of bad winters, the $63 million dollar project is on target for completion in 2011.  In this video, you can see the status as of Jan 2011.