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Ellucian - Inspired by those who inspire!

Ellucian provides education institutions with the innovative solutions they need to help people everywhere discover their futures through learning. This video talks about how they are inspired by learners through collaboration. Ellucian is delivering new technologies to expand the digital campus in a community of 2,400 institutions in 40 countries around the world.

They talk about how the world is more connected, open and dynamic than ever before. Ellucian helps colleges and universities become more flexible and efficient to help students discover their potential and improve their futures. Together, they will meet the challenges of today and shape how the world learns tomorrow.

I think this is really inspirational and an important message for the corporate world to think about. We can learn how students are using new forward thinking technologies in school and be ready to help them adjust to the business world by extending the use of today's disruptive technologies in the workplace.

At Ellucian Live in Philadelphia, April 7-10 2013 Anne Mahlum did the closing keynote. She is a very inspirational individual from North Dakota, which I first learned of while reading the conference agenda a few weeks before this event.  I found myself amazed to learn all she has been doing here in my backyard, Philadelphia, to help people regain their self-esteem after dealing with homelessness. I watched all the news stories I could find to learn more about how this came about and how it works. If you have a moment, take some time to learn how she is helping homeless people get "Back on My Feet"". There are a few videos, including her TEDx speech in Austin (which you have to scroll down to see), that inspirational to watch Anne Mahlum's website.
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