BackUp Information

Just like anything else in IT, backup technology must change to keep up with the other disruptive forces.  Here are some of my notes regarding backup solutions.

In a recent whitepaper, "SELECTING THE RIGHT CLOUD STORAGE FOR VM BACKUP", STORAGE SWITZERLAND, LLC wrote: Virtual-machine focused backup solutions perform backups with very little interruption to the virtual machine and provide near instant recovery of a failed VM.  However, they struggle with versioning, long term retention and off-site data movement to protect against a site disaster, which is true of such backup solutions like those from Veeam, Quest vRanger and Dell AppAssure. 

Cloud storage can be the perfect complement to these solutions, because they can provide off-site replication, long term retention and complete versioning of the data that the VM focused backup is protecting.  They should look like a normal storage device to the backup application itself.  TwinStrata accomplishes this by creating volumes that appear as iSCSI targets, which every VM-specific backup solution supports.  However, local storage is needed for immediate recoveries without latency delays.

Integrated Protection for VMware vCloud Director

The first I will note is HP Data Protector 7 for backing up VMware vCloud Director environment.  While virtualization helps organizations deliver services faster and more efficiently, the backup, recovery, and security of these environments can be quite a challenge.  Here is HP's solution which is a fully automated, policy-based protection you need for the VMware vCloud Director.

Integrated Protection for VMware vCloud Director