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Business Intelligence has been evolving at an extraordinary pace. Visualization tools, such as QlikView and Tableau, allow you to look at your BI platform in new ways and further unlock data from the semantic layer -- tools allow you to learn the questions from the data. Add to that the idea of Big Data in a Hadoop system and you can get answers to massive queries in seconds.

What is Big Data? Why is it so prevalent today? The answer is in the fact that our world is digitally connected and we all add data daily. For example, my iPhone generates location based information, my truck has hundreds of sensors that it reports to the OEM via phone, some vehicles transmit telematics & GPS data and many of us use social media regularly, tweeting our every move. Harvard Business Review says 2.5 exabytes (billion gigabytes) of data is created every day.

Note: An exabyte is expressed as 1 EB = 1000000000000000000bytes = 1018 bytes = 1000000000gigabytes = 1billionbillionbytes = 1000000terabytes = 1000petabytes

More abbreviations:    b = bit*   B = byte   k (Kilo)= 1000   M (Mega)=10002   G (Giga)=10003   T (Tera)=10004   P (Peta)=10005   E (Exa)=10006   Z (Zeta)=10007   Y (Yotta)=10008

*You will notice a lower case b when talking about communication speeds in bits per second (bps), because data is sent serially 1 bit at a time.

There is a lot of interest in Big Data and here is a living example of a Big Data Analysis. Datasift tracked tweets related to Big Data companies in 2012 and put together a summary of those tweets. Here is a link to "Who's Big in Big Data?" You can zoom in on the graphic to see who the most popular in the Big Data space based on Big Data related tweets: 1.) Apache Software Foundation - 9.4%, 2.) 10gen - 6.2%, 3.) IBM 3.3%, 4.) HP 2.4%, 5.) Teradata - 1.8%, 6.) Splunk - 1.7%, 7.) Oracle - 1.7%, 8.) Cloudera - 1.5%, 9.) EMC2 - 1.2% and Amazon Web Services (AWS) - 1.2% of 2.2 million tweets by 980,000 authors. The graphic also depicts the most shared Big Data domains and the Top Ten Big Data Stories.

Recently, I tweeted about EMC Greenplum's Pivotal HD. The next day, I received an invitation to another Big Data Companies webinar. I can't say this is why I received the invitation, but it is a possibility. Mining social data and reacting in a timely manner gives businesses opportunities they otherwise would have missed.

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Feb 25, 2013 - EMC Greenplum - Hadoop: The Foundation For Change
Greenplum's Big Data journey spans from 2003 to today. This webinar announces Pivotal HD, which brings together SQL & Hadoop with a 10x plus performance gain. The key to the product is that it is SQL Compliant with ODBC & JDBC support which allows use of existing BI tools (Tableau, QlikView, etc.)  This webinar and more can be access via the channel posted below.  If you don't have a BrightTALK ID, you will be given the opportunity to create one to watch a replay of these webinars and many more channels of information.