Cloud Files

UP2010 Conference
(Nov 15, 2010 through Nov 19, 2010)

Nov 19, 2010 3pm - Cloud Integration 

SESSION OVERVIEW In today's competitive global business environment, companies are recognizing the need to reduce complexity and cost in order to increase their business agility. To do so, many organizations are accessing key business applications through Software as a Service models and cloud deployments. This session will address: Key challenges businesses face in successfully adopting cloud delivery models, including integrating the disparate systems running in their data centers with new cloud based applications; and how this no longer involves time-consuming and resource-draining coding work.  How to rapidly integrate cloud-based applications and on-premise systems.  How enterprises can blend data from on-premise applications with public and private cloud systems.  How expensive custom coding can be eliminated, allowing cloud integrations to be completed in the space of days, rather than weeks, using a physical appliance, a virtual appliance or a cloud service How to integrate business applications, no matter where those applications reside About Speaker First name: Chandar Last name: Pattabhiram Job Title: SVP Strategy & Marketing Company Name/Affiliation: Cast Iron Systems, An IBM Company  

IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS