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Periodically, I get asked what TV would I recommend.  There is no simple answer to this question, and the answer is bound to change within a few months.  I purchased my first High Definition TV in 2003 for just under $3,000.  It still looks great 8 years later, even though the technology has changed.  It is a Mitsubishi WS-65511, which is my "Man TV" in the basement or "Underground Lair."  It's too big for the family room, but great in the basement.  It supports High Definition 1080i, which has now been surpassed by 1080p, which is pretty much standard in today's large screens.  In 2003, a 50" Plasma would retail for between $5,000 and $12,000 depending on brand and features.  You were able to buy more screen for less money in a rear projection TV.

Today, flat screen is the way to go, but what do you buy.  The main choices are between LCD and Plasma, but from there you add LCD with LED technology and 3D versions of LCD & Plasma.  The March 2011 issue of Consumer Reports features an article on this and has built a case for buying a 3D Plasma, even if you are not interrested in 3D.  If you are interested in 3D, Plasma is the only way to go, but keep in mind there is limited 3D entertainment available.  An occasional movie here or there is broadcast or you can buy some on Blu-ray disc.

This Consumer Reports article shows the Samsung LN60C630 in the 60-inch LCD category, which is priced at $2,000 as a CR Best Buy.  In the 52 and 55 inch category of LCD TVs, the Sanyo DP52440 for $1,000, the Samsung LN52C530 for $1,170, the Vizio VF550M for $1,300, or the Vizio TruLED XVT553SV for $1,700 are CR Best Buys.  In the Plasma category, the Samsung PN58C550 and Panasonic Viera TC-P58S2 at $1,400 each are CR Best buys as well.

Below, you will find the Comparison Charts and Articles comparing the various models from March 2011.  Then there is a chart showing Brand Reliablity, which basically should caution you about Mitsubishi, Polaroid, & Westinghouse LCDs.

LCD 52 inch & Larger TVs

Plasma 50 & 54 inch TVs

LCD 46 through 60-inch 3D TVs (none of these were Recommended or Best Buys)

Plasma 42 through 65-inch 3D TVs (all of these were CR Recommended)

Brand Reliability

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Consumer Reports Articles from March 2011:   LCD 3D TVs          Plasma 3D TVs