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Enterprise FileSynchronization and Sharing (EFSS)

Another aspect of "The Consumerization of IT" is seen in file sharing systems such as Dropbox, Apple's iCloud, Google's Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive (formerly Skydrive.)  They are simple, available free of charge and easily solve sync and share problems, which is why they are being used by savvy mobile users. I use all four of these, but find Onedrive the most useful for me.  It provides me with 1 Terabyte of storage with an annual Office 365 subscription and works well with my iPhone, iPad, macOS desktop and Windows 10 desktops.

Just as noted in mobility section of my website, the risk of not utilizing a reliable file share system is data leakage.  An enterprise has to offer a viable alternative to allow for collaboration.  In July 2013, Forrester examined the many players that offer file sharing services and showed Box, EMC and IBM as the Leaders.  As with many services, you have to balance cost & convenience with the security risks involved in all solutions.