Propane AutoGas

Propane AutoGas is an alternative fuel that has no greenhouse gas emissions, it is lower in CO2 emissions, and it is domestically produced as a by-product of natural gas and petroleum.  For the past few years, the federal government was actively offering incentives to help build the propane infrastructure, convert vehicles to propane and pay for propane at the pump.
Roush CleanTech is a pioneer in the use of this alternative fuel having sold over 5,000 upfitted vehicles to support this technology.  Recently, Roush doubled the size of their sales force to get the word out about the AutoGas product.  Here is a Roush FAQ on the subject.
This page will contain links to some valuable information about Propane AutoGas through RSS feeds as seen below and miscellaneous links throughout the page.  Here is a webinar by Tom Armstrong of ThyssenKrupp Elevator.  It shows a fleet managers approach to sustainability.
Visit these links to find more information on Alternative Fuels: CleanFUEL USA's blog & AutoGas for America.

Below are a couple of videos showing the AutoGas fueling process.  Dispensers of AutoGas require the proper training such as is giving in these videos.

Green Fleet

LP Gas

Fueling a ROUSH CleanTech liquid propane autogas powered vehicle is not really any more difficult than fueling a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle... just watch!
 Propane Autogas Fueling - Phillips Energy and VirginiaCleanCities
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