Seeking Hire as VP or Director Senior IT Management Role

Geoff Lander

, Account Director/Director Fleet, Autodata Solutions (Contractor to Dan at ARI Financial Services)
“I have worked with Dan both as a Colleague and a Supplier. Dan possesses the rare combination of IT technical proficiency and business/client focused vision. Accordingly he successfully transforms business/client needs into a clearly defined technical direction for his team to follow. I have no hesitation recommending Dan for his Senior IT Leadership abilities.” October 14, 2010

Robin Berger

, Development Director, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
“Dan has been involved with JDRF since 1995. He is extremely helpful in all aspects of the organization, including event logistics, IT, presentations, outreach and advocacy. He's reliable, personable, and would be a great asset to any organization.” September 27, 2010


Rob Hill

, Manager Global Sales and Consultation, ARI (Colleague)
“My professional contact with Dan goes back 14 years. In those 14 years I have been fortunate to be able to utilize Dans knowledge and technical ability to bridge the gap between sales development and customer information technology requirements. Dan has shown the ability to take those requirements and excel in supporting solutions that utilize the latest technologies to meet and frequently exceed the customers needs.  In my experience Dan always strives to be a team player and works hard to insure that the collective success of the team is a priority.”August 23, 2010


Jeff Van Dongen

, Vice President, Group Accounts, Autodata Solutions (Contractor to Dan at ARI)
“I've had the pleasure of working with Dan over the course of the past 8 years. During this time Dan was a phenomenal partner to our organization. 

His vast knowledge of the IT space is surpassed only by his drive to ensure astounding results for his employers, vendors and clients alike.”
August 15, 2010


Thomas MacIsaac

, Technology Sales Manager, Oracle (Contractor to Dan at ARI Financial Services)
“I have known Dan for 5 years, and have worked with him extensively several years ago. I’ve found him to be clear with his direction, and appreciated his honest feedback. I’ve found Dan to be a very creative problem solver, and he demonstrated himself to be an insightful manager intent on delivering tangible results for his company. I would recommend Dan for any company requiring thoughtful, well-reasoned, critical thinking.” August 08, 2010