Social Enterprise

What is a Social Business Platform and why do you need it?
Years ago small businesses were built on local social relationships face to face. As the industrial revolution took off and enterprises grew the consumer's lost their voice. Often they were made to feel like a number to the large corporations, but the social web has giving the consumer a loud voice to be heard by all.  It is important for the enterprise to take this as an opportunity to improve their services and promote their brands.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platforms have been extended to include social integration's that enable customers, vendors and employees to collaborate among and with each other. Gartner ranks, Jive and Lithium as the market leaders in the Social CRM market, and Forrester ranks IBM, Microsoft,, Box and Yammer as leaders in social collaboration space. With this in mind let's explore more about how social computing is being used in business and hear from some of these vendors.  Both Gartner and Forrester cover other vendors and I encourage you to review their reports which are available on-line through this site.

In this video, Jive gives you their take on a Social Business Platform and sarcastically tells you what it is not. Jive is a social network for business that allows you to communicate and collaborate to get work done.

Jive - Social Business Platform